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Scale of Fees Announcement         
3 April 2015


We refer to the above matter and a letter from Malaysia Competition Commission (MyCC) dated 9 March 2015.

Kindly be informed that ILAM received letters from MYCC since 2013 pertaining to the standing of ILAM's Scale of Fees after the Competition Act 2010 ('the Act') came into force on 1 January 2012. The act affected all parties concerned ought to have by now complied with the provisions of the Act.

Continuous discussion and confirmation on the matter of fixing ILAM professional fees or Scale of Fees have been deliberated with MYCC accordingly. This issue was also conferred to ILAM members who attended ILAM Annual General Meeting on June 2014. A letter by MYCC dated 9 March 2015 however, imposed a regulation as follows:

"That the Commission is aware that the ILAM's Scale of Fees continues to be in effect. The Commission considers that the ILAM's Scale of Fees should be dismantled by 5 April 2015, failing which the Commission shall proceed to take the next appropriate course of action"

ILAM is hereby adhere to full application of the Competition Act 2010 and advises all ILAM members to comply with the aforementioned act.


Please be informed that the booklet of ILAM's Scale of Fees is now regarded as obsolete. ILAM has no obligation to any members should there be any circumstances in relation to "the ACt" after the date of this announcement.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Your sincerely,

LAr. Dr. Nor Atiah Ismail
Honorary Secretary 2014/2016
Institute of Landscape Architects Malaysia

DATE: 3rd APRIL 2015

Contact ILAM +(60)11-1181 8919

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