1 May 2013 - 3 December 2013

About MLAA

Each year, ILAM presented the outstanding Malaysia Landscape Architecture Awards to Malaysian landscape architecture practices and related fields. The awards are open to all project submissions,  which have not won any previous ILAM MLAA Awards.

The award recipients receive featured coverage in ILAM’s Bulletin Landskap and a special publication in conjunction with the award - Landscape Architecture Malaysia Yearbook and a Special Edition in the local press following the award ceremony. Award recipients will be honoured at the Awards Presentation Ceremony during ILAM’s Annual Dinner, scheduled in April each year. The Awards are also part of the activities held in conjunction with the World Landscape Architecture Month Celebrations.


Entry Form


1. Landscape Consultant Categories
The official entrant must be submitted by the member of ILAM (Except Student Member) from the consultancy firm which was involved in the submitted project.

* Projects are not limited to Malaysia. Project completed outside Malaysia may be submitted by ILAM Members or ILAM registered consultancy firms.

2. Landscape Contractor Category
The official entrant must be from landscape contractors or builders.

3. Property Developer Category &
4. City Council & Local Government Category

The official entry may be submitted by a member of ILAM (Except Student Member) from the submitting organisation.

* For Property Developer Category, projects are not limited to Malaysia. Projects completed outside Malaysia which are built by the submitting developer are eligible.

5. Researcher Category
The official entrant can be from academicians, researchers and practisioners from higher learning institution, government sectors, local governments, private practisioners such as landscape consultants or individual landscape architect.
6. Student Category
The official entrant must be from student of local university or higher learning institution.

Schedule & Timeline

1 May 2013:

Announcement of MLAA2013

11 October 2013:  

MLAA 2013 Submission Briefing

3 December 2013:

MLAA 2013 Submission Close, before 5pm

6-8 December 2013:

Jury Review Session

14 December 2013:  

Excellence Awards Site Inspection

29 April 2014:

Publication of Malaysia Landscape Architecture Yearbook 2013

29 April 2014:

Malaysia Landscape Awards and ILAM Annual Dinner

30 April 2014:

Special MLAA Publication in local media



The Award Categories

1. Landscape Consultant Categories
a.  Landscape Design Awards
b.  Landscape Analysis and Study Awards
c.  Landscape Innovation Awards

2. Landscape Contractor Category
a.  Landscape Construction Awards

3. Property Developer Category
a.  Property Developer Awards
     in Landscape Planning & Development

4. City Council  & Government Agency Category
a.  Green City Awards

5. Researcher Category
a.  Landscape Research Awards

6. Student Category
a.  Student Design Awards

How to Enter?

DOWNLOAD complete and return the ENTRY     FORM with payment (non refundable) for each project to be submitted.

Upon receipt of your entry form and submitted to ILAM, you will receive an official, numbered entry kit and binder for each project to be submitted. (Each entry kit includes forms and instructions. Please note that each project must be submitted along with the unique entry number given by ILAM.)

Follow instruction in the Entry Kit and submit before the closing date.


Past Winners








Landscape Architecture Yearbook

Malaysia Landscape Architecture Yearbook 2012


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